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Mexico is famous for its unique culture. In addition, this place also has a great variety of foods and beverages that characterize …

Mexico is famous for its unique culture. In addition, this place also has many types of foods and beverages that became his trademark. The unique shape and taste definitely make you tempted to try it. Some of the food is already known to the world and become a typical food that its ideals can not be imitated easily by other countries. Want to know what kind of food and unique and unique drinks from this country? Here’s the description:

1. Tacos and Nachos

If you visit Mexico without enjoying this one snack, you should go back there and try it. You can find these two snacks almost across America and even some Asian countries. Almost all over Mexico tourists can easily meet it. Both these snacks are corn based, but each has its own characteristics.

Piedras Negras, is the city where the two foods come from. Tacos consists of rolls or folds of Tortillas filled with a variety of dishes in it. Rodolfo De Los Santos made the culinary in 1943. One of the most popular is Breakfast Tacos. Mexican people eat it for breakfast. Tacos is made up of omelet and a combination of potatoes, sausages or smoked pork.

Nachos have a simpler form. The nachos consisted of Tortilla Chips sprinkled with Liquid Cheese or Guacamole Sauce. Nachos were first made in 1943 by Ignacio Nacho Anaya. Until now, many franchise companies are making Nachos with other flavor variations. Keep using Tortilla chips as their basic ingredients but variations of vegetable toppings, fruits or sauces that differentiate them from traditional Nachos.

2. Temale

Tamale is a snack that has existed since the age of the ancient Maya, about 250 years before Christ. At that time, Tamale is a stock that is usually brought by the Mexican people while going hunting, traveling and even fighting. This snack was chosen for its easy and durable making.

This traditional food is made with corn starchy ingredients in which is filled with chicken, pork, vegetables, cheese and wrapped in corn husks or banana leaves. Tamale is also commonly sold from house to house in Mexico.

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3. Guacamole

Many people who like Avocado, because maybe this fruit is preferred because of the soft texture with a distinctive taste. Its soft texture can give a different sensation when you eat it. Avocado is a high nutritious fruit. Contains carotenoids, Oleic Acid, also fiber and Folate.

There are many ways to process the fruit. In general, Avocado is used for salads, stuffing Sandwich or juice, but the Mexican people usually process it into a sweet and savory sauce. Ordinary Mexicans make it a unique sauce called Guacamole.

Guacamole has been known since the Aztecs in the 16th century. Culinary is not only popular in Mexico alone, but also famous throughout the world. The people there make this sauce for friends eating Nachos and Tacos, as well as roasted dishes, such as fish, chicken, or meat. The unique taste gives a touch of delicious savory sour taste and distinctive aroma to the meat. If you like the spicy flavor one can add a bit of Jalapeno chilli into it.

Guacamole made from Avocado is mashed and mixed with lemon juice or lime juice, to be sauce. Some Mexican dishes are usually always juxtaposed with the sauce. In some areas there are also add tomatoes, red onions and coriander leaves are finely chopped. Ordinary Mexicans serve it as an opening act.

One of the best avocado producers in Mexico is the Yucatan. There are many plantations managed by the community. Well, if you want to see the avocado plantation and enjoy Guacamole can visit there. We can use the El Mexico 180 E bus from Merida town to Yucatan.

4. Chocolate

Chocolate also includes foods that many people love. Chocolate can be processed into various preparations such as milk, pudding, jam and others. Chocolate also becomes a symbol of love and affection. According to researchers, chocolate contains alkanoid substances that can bring a sense of happiness.

The origin of chocolate was first discovered nearly 4,000 years ago in Meso America. Seen from archaeological evidence found along the Orinoco river. Cocoa drink (chocolate) was already there since civilization Mokaya and Olmec. Chocolate is also a material for offerings to the gods.

The Maya adopted the word “cocoa” from the Olmec tribe. They cultivate cocoa in the yard. To enjoy it, the cocoa beans are smoothed and mixed with water, chili, cornmeal, and other ingredients. The result is a pasta made foamy spicy brown beverage. They call it “xocalatl” which means warm or bitter liquid.

Mexico is one of the best chocolate-producing countries in the world. Chocolate became a prima donna and very popular by the kings of Mexico ancient.Pada 6th century, chocolate had become a symbol of the status of Mexican society. At that time the cocoa beans were used as a means of payment. For example a basket of 8000 cocoa beans depicts the number 8000.

Tobasco is one of the areas frequented by tourists. The area is a haven for chocolate fans. In addition to enjoying the processed chocolate we can also take a walk to explore the vast cocoa plantation.

5. Tequila

This drink comes from Tequila area, Guadalajara west of Mexico city. There is a vast Agave plantation. The plant will be harvested as the main raw material for making this unique drink.
Tequila was known to the American Meso community hundreds of years ago. They make use of Agave plants that grow in Mexico. The plant is still related to pineapple, but not fruitful and its size is very large. Well, the part that is used to produce Tequila is the cob. One Agave stump can weigh 50 to 100 kg. To produce one liter of Tequila it takes 1kg Agave stump.

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